Renewal of Profession, a Renewal of Gratitude & Joy

2016-Renewal-of-ProfessionBy Bro. Jhoni Chamorro, SDB

(Camp St. Francis, CA) – Two months ago, I flew from New Jersey knowing that I was making a complete transition back to my province.  My Provincial assigned me to the community of Richmond so that I could finish my undergraduate degree at St Mary’s University in Moraga.

I can’t express how full of gratitude my heart is for the 3 years I spent in the East Coast as part of the post-novitiate program. My sentiments of gratitude are first and foremost to Fr. Steve Shafran and all the Salesians in the East for hosting me these past years. This experience has allowed me to have a broader view of the Salesian works throughout the U.S. and thereby enriching my sense of Salesianity. I’ll never forget the first school that I visited and until now my heart remains at Don Bosco Cristo Rey in Washington D.C.  A special thanks goes out to each and everyone of the Salesians who always welcomed me to their own sites and made me feel at home. I believe that it’s never too late to say thank you, and what better gesture, even if I’m far away, to use this format of media to send my words of gratitude.

As soon as I came back to California, I started helping Bro. Al and the Youth Ministry office with some preparations for the Salesian Youth Leadership Conference Spirit Team retreat and SYLC week itself. I have to mention that this year’s SYLC was fantastic!

On Saturday, June 25, at the end of SYLC, Bro. Benito and I renewed our profession in front of the SYLC participants. Our hearts were full of Don Bosco’s spirit and we were happy that these leaders from different sites throughout the province witnessed our “yes” to God; reminding them that our lives until our last breath like Don Bosco is for their salvation. I am full of joy and ready to give my best and make my commitment true during this summer program here at the Salesian Boys and Girls Club in Richmond. There are so many kids who are now alumni who are so excited to come back and work together giving the best summer ever to the kids who are part of our program. I pray that all our Salesian Camps have an awesome 4th of July and a great Summer.

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