Salesians, Continue Dreaming!


Salesian Missions Sector – Rome, Italy

August 2016

Dear Brothers and Friends,

Last June Pope Francis visited the headquarters of the World Food Program (WFP) in Rome.  In his speech he said: “I desire that the fight to eradicate the hunger and thirst of our brothers and sisters, and with our brothers and sisters, will continue to challenge us not to grow weary and to keep dreaming – both of these! – in seeking creative solutions of change and transformation.”  We can tell the Holy Father: This is what our dear Father, Don Bosco has always wanted to do, to be on the watch, but always dreaming.  Here’s what he has taught us to do.

“Where are the Salesians?” Don Bosco wrote in his letter from Rome (1884).  Since today Pope Francis invites the religious to “wake up the world,” we could also say: “Why are the Salesians sleeping?”  And because sometimes we sleep, we cannot dream.  At the origin of every missionary vocation is always the ability to keep awake before the enormous challenges of the mission, and of course, to dare to dream.

Are you awake?  Would you still like to dream?  The mission ad gentes, ad exteros, ad vitam can knock any time.  Do not sleep!  Continue dreaming!



Fr. Guillermo Basañes, SDB
Councilor for the Missions




Source: Cagliero 11: August 2016 Edition (Newsletter for Missionary Animation)





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