Camp Savio Second Week

By Sean Wilk

Each day at Camp Savio is a day filled with fun and excitement for both campers and our counselors. Days are spent on campus, or on field trip days, and kids will spend their day at places such as the California Science Center, the beach, and Disneyland. The day starts early, with many counselors arriving at Camp Savio as early as 6:30, wide awake and ready for the day. Campers arrive at 9 and will begin with a morning meeting and rally, before getting into their main activities for the day. The day is packed with a lot for the kids to do, such as team games, swimming in the pool, and spirit rallies!

The days for each grade of campers is split into several different sessions, where all grades will be participating in a different activity, game or faith-building exercise. A popular session among the camper is going to Game Room, where they get to spend session having fun and playing with the counselors who are in charge of all the activities for that session. The sessions last an hour each, and there are two of them before Camp Savio meets up to eat lunch. Great lunches are provided to the campers every day and are possible thanks to the many people who come to help and cook for the kids. Counselor Sophia Flores of Liturgy said that her favorite part of the day is lunchtime, both because of the delicious food, and because of how happy it makes her seeing all the campers enjoying their meals and smiling. For many counselors, like Sophia, seeing the happy campers is the best part of their day at Camp Savio.

Every counselor has their own job to make the day at Camp Savio as filled with as much fun as possible and to help Camp Savio run as smoothly as possible. Medic Eze Jacobo spends his day helping the kids who find themselves having just a little too much fun and get hurt in some way, like scraping their knee or bumping their heads. He does so with both bandages and ice as well as smiles and jokes for the kids, which he says is his favorite part of the day. The media crew spends their days taking photos of all the games and activities at Camp Savio and organizing them, as well as working on different videos and projects for events and rallies at Camp. These photos all capture the great time the kids are having when they spend their day at Camp Savio.