Induction of Pre-Novices

“Here in your midst I feel completely at home; for me, living means being here with you” – Don Bosco

This year we are happy to announce that there will be three pre-novices in our province; Christopher Green, Eduardo De Leon, and Reegen Ledet. These young men have just entered their pre-novitiate. They were inducted on Wednesday August 21st , 2019 in front of the Bellflower community where they received their Don Bosco Medal. This year, pre-novitiate will involve a heavy set of studying, learning about the congregation, and Don Bosco’s teachings. Please continue praying for our young men in formation and for more vocations.

Fr. Mel Trinidad, SDB presenting Eduardo “Eddie” De Leon his Don Bosco medal
Christopher Green receives his Don Bosco Medal
Last but not least Reegan Ledet receives his medal.