Youth Movement in Boyle Heights

By: Miriam Hernandez
Youth Development Coordinator

Teenage years are both wonderful and challenging. As Salesians we believe that by providing the right guidance, understanding and a place to belong teens are more likely to flourish.  Saint Mary’s parish and the Salesian Family Youth Center have come together to form, Salesian Youth Movement of Boyle Heights (SYM-BH). Its main purpose is to help young people in Boyle Heights and surrounding areas develop a relationship with Christ through the Salesian Spirituality. So far there are over eighty adolescents participating in the Salesian this Youth Movement. Confirmation students are encouraged to take part by attending our youth group or leadership training. Each month both groups gather for a planned outing, social justice activity or youth night.


The first youth night was held at Saint Mary’s hall where teens were welcomed by the existing youth group and board members. It was a fun filled night of games, fellowship and pizza. The following Thursday youth group and leadership training began. Youth at the Salesian Family Youth Center spent time in the game room before getting introduced to the leadership training team, the program and each other. The program’s main goals are to take what students are learning in Confirmation class and apply it to daily life. We hope to help them grow not only as leaders, but as people and in their prayer life. We also hope to build community, learn together, and have fun! For the Youth Movement of Boyle Heights, we hope to expand in numbers and ministry. We want to create a Salesian experience that gets teens excited about their faith. Next we would like to motivate teens to serve and actively participate in Sunday Eucharist. Please pray for all who are involved in this process.



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