Teamwork pays off!

By: Miriam Hernandez
Coordinator for Youth Ministry

“Mis I don’t wanna do that.” “Mis can we stay on the couch?” “But mis that wasn’t me!” The last two months has been tough working with Middle school students in the after-school program (We Care). Not to mention the amount of drama happening amongst the group. There are 25 registered middle school members and about 15 who are devoted to come daily. To keep this group busy we met and come up with fundraising ideas.

Last Friday the middle schoolers put together a family movie night. They announced their fundraising event to all club members, made signs and brought in donations. The Middle school group was excited. Their goal is to fundraise enough money for a Universal Studios Season pass at the end of the school year. The day finally arrived and Middle school was having some conflicts. There were those who wanted to go shopping instead helping to set up. There was no compromise, no discussion, so no one was getting things done. Margie Corrtill, our Salesian volunteer, gathered every one together and gave each a task. By reminding the youth of what was most important Margie was able to give the group unity. Once the event was about to begin the Middle schoolers became proactive. They communicated, worked together and got things done. During the film some helped in the kitchen while others made concession deliveries and took orders on the floor. Thanks to their hard work and dedication movie night was a success. A total of $63.17 was fundraised. Attendees have asked for a Halloween and a Christmas film. Middle school has since reflected on this experience and has committed to building each other up from this point on.

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