Salesian Youth Movement Young Adults Advent Evening of Prayer

By: Marisol Becerra
Youth Ministry Office Assistant


Last Thursday, the Salesian Youth Movement with the Youth Ministry Office organized an Advent Prayer Night for the young adults in the area. This prayer night was hosted at De Sales hall by the young men in formation. The night began with joyful Christmas music and delicious food. There were about 20 young adults that came from different areas of Los Angeles County and varied parishes. The group gathered as a Salesian family and ate dinner together. The evening began with an icebreaker and everyone shared what they were looking forward to receive this Christmas. This activity showed that all are interconnected as a faith community. Shortly after, it was time to let that singing talent shine. The groups spilt into teams to battle it out at “The Voice Salesian Night.” Each team had to create or rewrite traditional Christmas Carols and perform them live. This activity challenged the young adults to step out of their comfort zone and express their creativity.


The night transitioned into the chapel for reflective prayer and adoration. The group was led by Enrique Diaz, the Salesian Youth Movement Coordinator, who guided the group to reflect on a slideshow depicting images of what Christmas means around the world. Some images that were also included were of the distractions that often steer people away from pondering what Advent really means. The group was given an Advent reflection to read on listening to God’s voice during this busy season. The night ended with Eucharistic Adoration and a Salesian Goodnight. Overall, this evening provided a time for relaxation and prayerful reflection that allowed the young adults an opportunity to take a break in the middle of finals week and Christmas preparations, and help them center themselves in Christ. Everyone left with the reminder that Jesus is coming, and in order for everyone to be prepared for his coming, we must first make room for him in our hearts.

If you haven’t taken time to pause and reflect during this Advent, take the time now to ponder how God is speaking to you, and allow him to disrupt your busy schedule and show you just how much he longs to be welcomed into your life.


May we all be joined in prayer during this holy season.

Blessings to All.


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