Salesian Cooperators Christmas Dinner at Richmond

By Fr. John Puntino, SDB
Salesian Richmond Community

Keeping to a wonderful Local Center tradition Salesian Cooperators of Richmond hosted a Christmas Dinner for the community on Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2019.

Cooperators brought their spouses and enjoyed some relaxing moments in the community living room both before and after the meal.

The meal featured dishes, such as ham, corn bread, bean casserole and yams, prepared by the Cooperators.

Honoring Henry Moe

During the meal the community and Cooperators thanked Henry Moe, Local Coordinator, for his service and sang Happy Birthday to him as Wednesday was his birthday.

After the usual monthly meeting the Cooperators have dessert in the community dining room and community members join them. These, along with the traditional Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day dinners, become formative moments for the novices as they experience one more side of our Salesian Family Spirit.

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