Novices Host St. Anthony’s Youth Group

By Nelly Nguyen & Br. Vien Nguyen, SDB
St. Anthony’s Youth Group


On November 23, 2018, St. Anthony’s Youth Group were invited to come and enjoy a day packed with fun activities and sessions put together by Novices John and Kevin. We were welcomed into the Salesian facilities and started the day with a short session on God’s love for us through song as well as passing around a candle with each of us saying one thing that we are grateful for, leading us into our theme of gratitude. We were able to look back on our memories and share them with our groups through a fun and delicious activity that required skittles and were also able to take some personal reflection time to write thank you cards for the people that we are thankful for.


The games that we played throughout the day were new and exciting and helped us understand the importance of teamwork. We ended the day with a mass that wrapped everything we learned together. Through this retreat, we were able to open our hearts, minds, and be reminded of how grateful we are to have our friends, families, each other, and God!


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