Youth Ministry Thanks All Who Supported Us to Attend Youth Day 2020

By: Myriam Hernandez
Coordinator for Youth Ministry – Boys and Girls Club

A huge thank you goes out to our parishioners who bought raffle tickets so that members of our Youth Ministry could attend a youth conference. Youth Day is a one day event where teens from this and other surrounded dioceses come together for workshops, mass, and praise and worship.

IMG_20200220_131700 (1)

Christina Lopez age 17 had this to say,
“My name is Cristina and I am from the youth group and I’m writing this message to thank every single person that donated money and/or bought a raffle ticket. On behalf of all peers and I we appreciate everything you guys donated because without your help we wouldn’t be able to have a stronger connection with God. At Youth Day, I liked the stories told about finding or building a better relationship with God. Those stories opened up my mind to the idea that believing in God is not only praying but instead trusting him knowing that he will always be by my side”.

IMG_1253_01 (1)

Thanks to the generous donations of the parish and individuals such as yourself, we were able to take teens like Christina. If you are interested in joining support ing more events like these or have teenagers who would like to join our youth ministry, please feel free to contact me at


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