RMG – Conclusion of the GC28: the “Valdocco Option”

(ANS – Rome) – “What can I compare the kingdom of God to? It is similar to a little yeast: if a woman takes it and kneads it with three large measures of flour, then the yeast ferments all the dough “. This beautiful parable of Jesus can be a good comparison for General Chapter XXVIII. It was shorter than expected, but like a pinch of yeast, his work has just begun: he will spread his strength and beneficial ferments in the Congregation.

The Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, with his renewed General Council, will find ways to ensure that all the scheduled topics and deliberations can be addressed later. But above all the “spirit” of this Chapter will remain in everyone’s memory.

Pope Francis underlined this in his message: “The Valdocco option of your 28th General Chapter is a good opportunity to confront the sources and ask the Lord: Da mihi animas, cetera tolle . This requires, on our part, to overcome the fears and apprehensions that may arise. Faithful living of the charism is something richer and more stimulating than the simple abandonment, retreat or readjustment of houses or activities; it involves a change of mentality in the face of the mission to be accomplished ”.

Nor can we forget the words of the young people present in the Chapter: “Salesians, do not forget us young people because we have not forgotten you and the charism that you have taught us! We want to express it wholeheartedly. Being here, we made a dream come true. In this special place in Valdocco, where the Salesian mission began, which brings together Salesians and young people together. You have our hearts in your hands. You have to take care of your precious treasure. Please don’t forget about us and keep listening to us. ”

“Salesianity – says Pope Francis – is born precisely from this meeting capable of arousing prophecies and visions: welcoming, integrating and making the best qualities grow as a gift for others, especially for those marginalized and abandoned from whom nothing is expected” .

In an atmosphere of true harmony, the Chapter demonstrated with empathy and coherence another truth underlined by the Pope: “The interlocutors of Don Bosco yesterday and of the Salesian today are not mere recipients of a strategy planned in advance, but live protagonists of the oratory to be built. Through them and with them the Lord shows us his will and his dreams. We could call them co-founders of your homes. ”

The portrait of the Salesian for today’s young people can be reflected in what the Rector Major affirms of himself: “I will try to be, as far as possible, a true man of God, with a strong charismatic and pastoral identity, far-sighted, capable of one look of faith and hope in reading reality. It is my deep desire to continue to be, as far as possible, a man capable of fatherhood and fraternal affection, of accompaniment, close to the confreres. I think I will put a lot of my energy into being a man capable of building unity, of involving and accompanying, of creating a common vision, of putting differences together, of building communion around him, of working in a team and delegating “.

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