“Young Salesians and accompaniment – Orientations and Guidelines”

Dear confreres,

The dissemination of “Young Salesians and accompaniment – Orientations and Guidelines”, through ‘video seeds’ is coming to you with the seed No 4, for December 2020.  

The focus this time gest inspiration from the Psalm 26: “Your face, O Lord, do I seek” …Following in Don Bosco’s footsteps.

In fact, from the more than 4000 responses received in the research on accompaniment, we can sense the deep desire on the part of those who are growing in their Salesian vocation, as well as of those who accompany them, for a life more and more attuned with God’s Spirit. There is a sincere yearning for Jesus in order to adhere with Him to the Father’s will with all one’s heart, soul and strength. Especially among the novices, there emerges also the strong desire to know the Salesian Spirit and to become Don Bosco for the young people of today.

This is the content of Chapter 4 of the text, and more precisely from No 100 to No 107.

Clicking on the hyperlinks you can access the various materials made available, along with the 4th video seed. IF YOU ENCOUNTER PROBLEM IN ACCESSING AND DOWNLOADING THE MATERIAL FROM THIS HYPERLINKS PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT ME (sroggia@sdb.org) AND I WILL SEND WHATEVER YOU REQUEST THROUGH SMASH OR WE TRANSFER.

      The 4TH VIDEO SEED posted in ANS Youtube.

      The interactive PDF OF THE DOCUMENT is always downloadable, while the paper hard copies are gradually reaching the Provincial office of each province, though delayed due to the covid side effects also on posting and delivering.

      It is also possible to download ONLY THE PART OF CHAPTER 4 on which this ‘seed’ dwells (4 pages), which can be printed and used for community study and sharing.

      The downloadable version of the video seed is available both in HIGH RESOLUTION VIDEO and in LOW RESOLUTION VIDEO  (sharable through social media)

      There is a POWER POINT illustrating a bit more extensively the message of the video, and giving in writing the question Benny proposed at the end, which may prompt group and community sharing among the members of the formation communities (main aim of this dissemination process!). The same content of the power point is available in PDF.

      There is a GOOGLE DOC OPEN FORUM, with the same questions proposed by Benny in the video, which can be access by everyone throughout Regions and Provincials, prompting transversal intercultural and interlanguages sharing.

      If someone desires to have access to ALL THIS MATERIAL AT ONCE and chose different items in the various languages, it is all available in the dedicated dropbox folder.


Silvio, from the team of the Formation Department (always available – sroggia@sdb.org – for clarifications or further help).