Province Youth Ministry Office April Recap!

By: Marisol Becerra
Youth Ministry Office Assistant

Parish Commission Meeting

On April 9th, there was a Parish Commission meeting to go over current projects and proposals that are happening in each respective parish.

CYM Meeting

On April 13th, there was a Coordinators of Youth Ministry Meeting. The topic of discussion was to go over SYLC registration, cost, schedule, and spirit team.

Meeting with the Provincial Councils SDB’s and FMA’s

On April 14th, there was a joint meeting with the Provincial Council of SDB’s and FMA’s.

Youth Ministry Presentation to Both Councils

There was a Youth Ministry presentation with both councils SDB’s and FMA’s to discuss the events that they are working on together. Both past and present collaborations. Also, the different ways to continue to strengthen communication amongst the Province.

Directors and Pastors Meeting

On April 19th, there was a meeting with the directors and pastors to present the schedule for SYLC. The presentation included the workshop topics, keynote speakers, and the overall outline for each day of SYLC.

Salesian 101

On April 24th, there was a 4th session of Salesian 101. We learned how to be radically Salesian and live out Salesian Youth Spirituality. This session was engaging and interactive and provided the space to reflect on our own relationship with Christ. This gathering proved to be exciting and reminded everyone of the importance of their roles in youth ministry. 

Provincial Visitation to SS. PP., Laredo, Stockton, and Berkeley Communities

In the month of April there were several Provincial Visitations. The main components were prayer, readings, and guided meditations on the Frame of Reference. The meetings also included the introduction of what youth ministry and vocations are doing and a reflection and sharing on Salesian Parishes, Salesian Youth Movement and Vocations.

Preparation for SYLC

Please keep the Youth Ministry Office, the volunteers, the Salesian sites, and the youth in prayer as we prepare for SYLC 2021 in 34 days!