“Everything can be expected from a grateful heart.”

By: Luis Chacon
Province Coordinator for Volunteers

“Everything can be expected from a grateful heart.” On the eve of gratitude in November, various organizations such as Mission Animation, Salesian Volunteers Program, Saint Joseph Salesian Retreat House, and Restless Heart offered food, vitamins, masks, and clothing to our less fortunate brothers on Skid Row.

This experience has been the third Homeless Outreach for the Salesian Volunteers Program. We have decided to do these experiences periodically since we have encountered the enormous need of our brothers and sisters in Skid Row and surrounding areas. 

On this occasion, we had eight volunteers pass food through the streets of Skid Row while other volunteers stayed to distribute clothes outside the Catch21 restaurant. In less than 40 minutes, we distributed more than 200 packages containing water, sandwiches, and other items. 

I have found that there are youth and young adults who desire to help those in need. It fills my heart to share a little of my time with these brothers and sisters. The challenge I set for those we interacted with was to give me their best smile, and without a doubt, that was the most beautiful day of my week. Even the ones who were wearing a mask would lower it a little and show me their smiles.

I know that what we do may not solve the poverty situation of so many people, but at least it will give peace to many stomachs, along with vitamins and clothes for a few hours to those who need them. It motivates me to have brave young people among the ranks of Salesian Volunteers. When the date of our next expedition with the homeless approaches, I get excited and prepare my soul and my heart to receive thousands of blessings.

I invite our readers to follow the @Salesianvolunteers Instagram account and send an email to lchacon@salesianclubs-la.org if interested in more information on how to help and be part of this experience! You can get involved by giving your time or donating clothes, blankets, food, vitamins, or toiletries. Soon we will continue to post more diverse volunteer opportunities!