What I learned at Camp Savio

By Joselyn Rivera
Camp Counselor

What has Camp taught me?

Camp has taught us many things whether it’s cheers, dances, or how to become more responsible. It has taught us to be more patient and to have better communication with everyone just in general. Before camp I was really nervous and was just in my own zone, I didn’t want to talk to anyone but that all changed going into camp. During camp I came out of my shell, became better at talking to new people and gained new confidence. 

Cheers and dances

I’m not really the loudest or most outgoing person, which is why it took me a while to finally be as loud as my fellow counselors and campers. Going to Friday meetings I would see Matthew Solano, one of the experienced counselors, screaming his lungs out and I’d ask myself if I would ever be that loud. It took a while to yell my own lungs out but I finally did. Savio has so many cheers to offer and learning them does take some time and dedication. This year was very easy to just pretend. Since we have to wear masks all day it’s easy to pretend you’re cheering when you really aren’t. At first I admit to pretending to be doing the cheers but after a while when I took some time to actually learn them I got the confidence to be as loud as I can and do them. It wasn’t just the cheers that took a while but the dances as well. I remember the first song I danced to was turbo hustle. In my mind I was like what in the world there’s no way i’m going to dance this in front of all these people. But I finally gave in, I gave in because the dance actually looked fun to do.


I wanted to interview some counselors again but this time I was able to interview their campers as well, just to ask a couple questions. After interviewing them you really get to see what all the things they have learned from savio are.

“Something I’ve picked up from camp is to be more aware of your surroundings. Not only that, but how to be more responsible, more organized, and has helped with my time management skills.” -Lilith M.

“Savio has taught me to have patience with kids, helped get through frustration and gave me hope that everyday would be a good day.” – Esmeralda G.

“I’ve learned to be more patient with people, and to have fun.” -Marcos V.

“Camp changed me because I used to be quiet and shy but when I became a counselor that helped me get out of my comfort zone. Savio has made me into the counselor I am today that’s not quiet and shy anymore.” – Teresa C.

“During camp I’d be listening and paying attention whenever anyone is talking such as JC and I would do the same in school.” -Henk Z.

“Going to church on Fridays helped me create a better relationship with God and I plan on keeping that relationship when camp comes to an end.” -Kimberly T. 

“Camp inspired me to start praying more because everyone around me is praying like my friends. It inspired me to do it as well.” -Jesus R.

“Camp made me a better person by helping with my anger and patience.” -Salvador C.

“I began cheering when my counselors told me to start and I thought it was pretty fun.” -Justin P.

“The environment in camp is very uplifting but I have learned more from the people here such as my counselors who are always teaching me cool life lessons and tricks.” -Sofia J.

“Savio taught me to pray to god, I learned how to socialize with people and make new friends.” – Gabriel P.


Savio has taught everyone many things here. I wasn’t able to interview AUX, but I’m sure Savio has taught them many things as well. Camp isn’t just learning about God and going to church every Friday, it’s about meeting new people, going to the beach, going to the science center, and doing fun activities.