Tech Senior Co-Hosts Local TV Show

By: Karen Krynen
Director of Communications – Don Bosco Technical Institute

Interest and involvement in his community has led to a unique opportunity for Tech senior Christian Figueroa (CSEE ‘23). The senio class co-president and honor student is cohosting a bi-weekly program on KGEM-TV, the City of Monrovia’s community cable station that broadcasts City Council meetings.

A frequent in-person attendee at the meetings, Christian was approached by Apple Music host and producer Chris Loos, a Monrovia resident who volunteers his expertise to the “Monrovia City Council Recap” program that offers informative, fact-based reporting of the council meetings. Chris asked Christian to provide a young person’s perspective of proceedings.

“I knew from our conversation he was special,” Chris said. “Then, seeing how well prepared he was, while maintaining his poise, and professionalism as we recorded the show at KGEM-TV showed me that I was sitting with an absolute superstar! Christian’s genuine passion for government & legislation makes him a perfect fit to be a lead host of our City Council recap team here in Monrovia. Excited to see what the future holds for this incredible talent.”

“I’m incredibly humbled by the opportunity,” said Christian. “The goal of my role on the broadcast is to get more students to watch and become more aware of community issues. If I can inspire, in some way, other students to actively engage, I’ll be happy.”

From a young age, Christian was inspired to be active in his community and to give back by his grandmother who has devoted her entire life to activism and public service, being an integral voice on various national and local political campaigns. In addition to his role as class co-president, Christian is currently an officer in the school’s National Honor Society, Wellness Club, and Key Club. He is particularly interested in Monrovia’s prioritizing of infrastructure maintenance, climate initiatives, and support services in the school district.

“Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm once said, ‘Service is the rent we pay for living on this earth.

Christian said. “It’s all about how you can make people’s lives better. 

I believe it’s essential for young people to get involved at an early age because it is never too early to serve your community. A movement begins with one person, regardless of their age.”

“Although people my age can’t vote yet, we can still participate in our democratic system and make our voices heard in innovative ways like this broadcast series.”

Christian plans to begin his undergraduate studies in economics next fall. He hopes to hold political office one day, ultimately, at the congressional level. And, with his desire to serve and with an understanding of public affairs beyond his years, he’s off to a great start!

Watch Christian in this video: