Syria – Salesians’ Testimonies on Terrible Earthquake

(ANS – Aleppo) – As the death toll and damage caused by the terrible earthquake that struck Syria and Turkey worsens, there are numerous testimonies from those who, like the Salesians, are already on the front lines providing all the necessary aid.

A detailed account of what is happening during these hours comes from MOR’s Provincial Delegate for Social Communication, Fr. Pier Jabloyan. “The earthquake lasted a very long time, almost a minute,” he explains, “In Syria, the most serious consequences have mainly affected the city of Aleppo. From the information reaching us, we have learned that hundreds of buildings have collapsed and the number of dead continues to rise steadily.”

Also growing is the number of injured and missing people still under the rubble. The population is desperate and terrified that new, strong aftershocks may occur. Many, then, have had to leave their homes, made unsafe by the cracks and heavy damage caused by the earthquake. In Aleppo, therefore, hundreds and hundreds of people have nowhere to go and nowhere to sleep.

“In this dramatic situation, we Salesians have opened our doors,” continues Fr. Jabloyan, “We have promptly taken in all those in need. Already more than 300 people have been welcomed and helped by the Salesians, collaborators, and the entire Salesian Family in Aleppo. We are trying to do what we can, despite the challenges and difficulties. This, in Syria, is a particularly cold time and the winter is harsh. It is snowing, there is a lack of power and a lack of fuel. The population is really having a difficult time.”

Syria, it should be remembered, is exhausted by a long and fierce war, and this devastating earthquake is adding to an already extremely precarious situation. For many, in fact, the earthquake has extinguished what little hope remained. “We hope that the Lord, with the help of so many people of goodwill, can lift the weight of so much destruction and so much poverty that has been in Syria for years now,” Fr. Jabloyan concludes.

The Salesians are ready to mobilize in any way they can to support the people hardest hit by the earthquake as best they can, with basic necessities.

In the meantime, it is already possible to make a bank transfer or deposit to make your contribution to helping the Salesians in Syria. 

*Editor’s note: All donations will mean significant aid to the people of Syria as Nations hesitate in their response to the crisis for political reasons, it is moments like these where the arms of the Church are called upon the most.

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