Salesian Youth Make a Difference

By Luis Chacon

Last Friday, a sporadic Homeless Outreach was carried out by Salesian Youth Leaders of the Province. Year after year, Salesian Youth Leadership Conferences (SYLC) are held with a Social Justice activity to invite young Salesian leaders to make a change in the community. This year, Miguel, a student at Bosco Technical Institute, who was a member of the SYLC organizing team in 2022, took it upon himself to help out in the community.

Together with Ramona High School, Miguel and his team prepared almost 80 bags of food with sandwiches, water, candy, and chips for the homeless living on Skid Row. The Salesian Volunteers Program empowers youth initiatives to make change in the community, and Miguel was a shining example of this.

Miguel collected and prepared the donations, while Father Marcos Castillo, Josué Montenegro, Rutilio, and Luis Chacon took the donations to Skid Row to distribute to the homeless. This outreach program was just one of the many ways that Salesian Youth Leaders are making a difference in their communities.

As Salesians, we encourage young people who are members of our Salesian communities to follow in Miguel’s footsteps and be proactive in bringing about positive change in their communities. Let us all work together to make the world a better place for everyone.