Youth Lenten Retreat (Pascua Juvenil) in Boyle Heights: The Holy Week Celebrations for The Young

By Luis Chacon

The Parishes of Santa María and Santa Isabel participated in the Fourth Annual Lenten Retreat where the young people of the Confirmation Programs participated in a series of activities and celebrations centered around the Holy Week. The theme for this year was  “In His Friendship I Find Meaning,” or “En la Amistad Encuentro de él Vida de él” in Spanish.

Our Lenten Retreat began on April 4th at St. Mary’ parish hall, and it was organized by our very special friends from the Heaven Bound Team led by Jesse Vera and CYM Miriam Hernandez. The confirmation core team (a peer leadership team) hosted opening prayers and icebreakers for the retreat. Topics for the first night included: “I Have A Gift For You,” “Jesus Washes Disciples Feet,” and “My Friends The Disciples,” all related to Holy Thursday.

The second day began with participants playing “Finish the lyrics” popular song edition. The talks for this day included “Jesus Death,” “Holy Saturday,” and “The Tomb It’s Empty,” directed by Daniela, Yessica, and Walter, from the Heaven Bound Team. The day ended with a prayer directed by Miriam Hernandez and a good night directed by Luis Chacon.

As part of their formation, the candidates also assisted in the Easter Triduum celebrations at their own parishes. The Holy Week celebrations were very impactful thanks to the dedication of the Salesians of Don Bosco, the Confirmation Core Team, the Heaven Bound Team, Miriam Hernandez, and all the lay collaborators from both parishes.

It’s inspiring to see young people taking an active role in their faith and participating in events that help them deepen their relationship with God. By organizing and participating in experiences like the Lenten Retreat, they are not only enriching their own faith but also serving as future leaders of the Christian community.

Easter celebrations at the Parishes of Santa María and Santa Isabel were a success, thanks to the dedication and commitment of the young leaders and the support of the Salesian community. We look forward to doing this again next year! It is a blessing to be able to witness the growth and development of these future Christian leaders.