How short mission trips impacted my life

By: Mari Evelin Moreno VelascoMaster’s in Education – UC Santa Cruz Short mission trips changed my life by giving me an opportunity to serve others and find a purpose in life.  This life we have on earth is short and fleeting, and through the mission trips, I realized that I could help others and use my talents to be a light in the lives of … Continue reading How short mission trips impacted my life

Tijuana 2020 Reflection

By: Adrian Fulay Coordinator for Youth Ministry – Salesian College Preparatory Richmond For many of the students from Salesian College Preparatory, Richmond, and St. Francis Central Coast Catholic High School, Watsonville, the word that exemplifies their experiences in Tijuana, Mexico, is “gratitude.”  In their reflections, the word “gratitude” resounded over and over again. Dennis, a junior, said that the experience helped him realize his blessings … Continue reading Tijuana 2020 Reflection

English Volunteer Program Collaboration

By: JC Montenegro Delegate for Mission Animation On December 2, 2019, Lauren Hichaaba (Cagliero Project – Australia), Adam Rudin (Salesian Lay Missioners – USA East), and Jc Montenegro (Salesian Volunteers – USA West)gathered online to catch-up and discuss ways to accompany each other while leading the volunteer program in their respective provinces. Several important topics were discussed during the hour-long meeting. The first conversation was … Continue reading English Volunteer Program Collaboration