Camp Savio 2016: Last Week


By Dianna Rodriguez

(Camp Savio 2016 – Bellflower, CA) – The entire camp met the beginning of the week with anticipation for the last day. The different grades started preparing the music and dances for the annual Talent Show and midnight spirit rally. The last week is always hectic because it forces the counselors to give more even when they are burnt out. Preparing for Talent Show is always stressful because each grade wants to show how well organized and unified it is to the multitudes of parents who go to watch them. Amidst the stress, the campers enjoyed themselves with the “Aqua-Olympics” and the “Savio Carnival Day” that went on during the week before the Talent Show.

Aqua-Olympics was basically a water day for the campers and counselors. The camp as a whole competed in various activities involving water to see who would win gold. There were water guns, water jumpers, and water balloon fights around every corner. Now Savio Carnival Day on the Thursday before the last day of camp was another stress reliever that included jumpers, video games, a whip cream throwing station, and more. Although it was as hot as wasabi, the campers and counselors managed to have a blast. It goes to show that camp without field trips was just as fun as camp with field trips.

Now last day of camp had arrived. The Talent Show brought in about 2,000 people and setting up beforehand was pretty humorous because the parish ran out of chairs. It was estimated that there would be a lot of people showing up for it but because there were no more chairs the people who came in late had to sit by the benches if they wanted to sit. During the event, all of the grades performed successfully and joyfully. Now Talent Show isn’t necessarily a competition like spirit rally. What matters the most is making sure that the campers are having fun even if they mess up or have forgotten what they were supposed to do. This is what makes the event so great because if the campers are happy then whatever pressure was felt should disappear soon because in the end, it doesn’t matter.

The night went on, the camp video was played, JC gave a good night, and then the grades were dismissed and were given time to prepare for the spirit rally. Afterwards, everyone went to bed and just like that, dawn rose and camp had ended. It was bittersweet. Several campers and counselors cried because no one would see each other until maybe next year if they were lucky enough. Thousands of memories were made and many lives were changed for the better and that is what makes a sad ending into a joyful beginning.




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