Camp Savio 2016: Visiting Deacons from Mexico


By Salesian Deacons Fernando Javier Hernández Reyes, David Raúl Reynoso Ruiz, and José de Jesús Medrano Pérez

(Camp Savio 2016 – Bellflower, CA) – The experience of only three days in the Salesian Community in Bellflower has been of a great wealth for our vocational and pastoral growth.  This experience has a great value knowing that in one year we will finish our theological studies.

We want to thank all the brothers who have helped and supported us to make this visit to Camp Savio 2016 possible.  We want to share with you 3 aspects that we have learned in this short experience:

1.     We have been witnesses of a charismatic openness between Salesians and lay people. Being a lay person who is in charge of the running of Camp Savio, where over 500 children and young people participate. Jc Montenegro is who has structured the experience for over 15 years.

2.     We have learned the importance of the family educative environment. This was created in this Camp with the best atmosphere to promote leadership development in the camp counselors and the holistic human growth in the campers.

3.     The originality of this camp is that through the whole month the creativity and the encounter among friends are promoted.  Young people are exposed to the spontaneity and flexibility within a well organized structure where every camper is guaranteed the accompaniment of a counselor.

Another thing that got our attention was the internationality of the community. We have SDBs and Volunteers from different parts of the world living together.  The members of this community are from Mexico, Spain, Venezuela, Vietnam, and Ecuador.  Beliefs and the Salesian Charism were enough to be welcomed in this Salesian home.

God bless the Salesian Mission!


Deacons Fernando Javier Hernández Reyes, David Raúl Reynoso Ruiz, and José de Jesús Medrano Pérez are visiting Salesian deacons from Guadalajara, México




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