Camp Savio 2019

By: Sean Wilk

Every year, a camper will begin doing Camp Savio for the first time, and for many, it will be the first of many summers that they come to enjoy their summer. Campers spend many summers at Camp Savio because of all the great and fun experiences it provides for them, and because of the friendships, they make here. Seeing the fun games, activities, and field trips that the campers get to go on, and all the friends they make, I definitely would have begged my parents to keep signing me up to continue coming back each summer. While I never had these experiences, many campers this year are going to be able to have more of these for many summers to come.


Some of these campers enjoy camp so much that they even go on to become counselors, like the Boys grade counselor Albert Serrano. Albert has been going to Camp Savio as a camper since he was young and continued to go for many years, every summer. Albert said that his favorite part of going to Camp Savio was seeing his friends every day and being able to hang out with them all summer. He did enjoy all the games and field trips that Camp Savio did, but it was the fun he had with his friends that made him truly fall in love with Camp. Not only the fun he had but the fun that he saw his counselors having volunteered with the campers, which he said was his inspiration for continuing doing camp as a Counselor.


In a time where it is very easy for kids to spend their summers at home on their phones, playing video games, and watching YouTube videos, it is great to see that kids are excited to come to Camp Savio, and spend their days as campers with their friends. The things I notice most at Camp Savio among the campers is the smiles on their faces when they are with their grades, laughing and hanging out with their friends. Overall, that is what keeps bringing kids back to Camp Savio, the friendships they form, because while the field trips and fantastically fun for kids, without their friends there, they would not be nearly as memorable. The bonds and friendships formed are what keep campers wanting to come back to Camp Savio and spend their summers there.



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