Update on Fr. John Itzaina

By: Jim Aldridge Mike and Marie Marheineke have been spending time with Fr. John Itzaina regularly since his bypass surgery. Mike relates that he visited Friday, saying that John looks good. The Occupational Therapy task assigned was for John to dress himself. So, for the first time in nearly two weeks he was seen in something other than hospital gown or scrubs. Progress… progress. The … Continue reading Update on Fr. John Itzaina

Provincial Council, Delegates, and Coordinators Meeting

By: Andres Neria On Thursday August 15th, the Feast of the Assumption, our Provincial Fr. Ted and his council met with the delegates and coordinators of the province. The purpose of this meeting, and future meetings to come, is to explore and implement better ways to serve our province at all levels. This idea was presented at this year’s Provincial Chapter and came out as … Continue reading Provincial Council, Delegates, and Coordinators Meeting

Province Youth Ministry Team

By: Andres Neria As Delegate of Social Communication I attended the first Province Youth Ministry Team meeting for the 2019-2020 pastoral year on Saturday August 17th in the Learning  Commons at St. John Bosco High School, Bellflower. The meeting began with a short prayer and introduction of new and old members of the team, followed by reviewing the Province Organic Plan. The morning continued with … Continue reading Province Youth Ministry Team


By Sheila Kun RN, BSN, MS, CPN, FCCP Source: Cleveland Clinic For the past 2 months, we have spent time understanding sugar and how much we should take in our daily diet. It would be logically to follow the sugar discussion with a deeper appreciation of its relationship to carbohydrates. Nowadays, many health conscious folks would go light on carbohydrates. Let us explore together what … Continue reading Carbohydrates

Provincial Letter: August 20th, 2019

Dear Salesian Sisters and Brothers, Last Thursday, August 15th, the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mother into heaven, the Western Province of St. Andrew had the blessing of witnessing the first professions of two of our brothers:  Leo Imbert and Kris Tran.   We wish to congratulate them and promise them our prayers.  We wish to thank their parents for the love and … Continue reading Provincial Letter: August 20th, 2019