Update on Fr. John Itzaina

By: Jim Aldridge

Mike and Marie Marheineke have been spending time with Fr. John Itzaina regularly since his bypass surgery. Mike relates that he visited Friday, saying that John looks good. The Occupational Therapy task assigned was for John to dress himself. So, for the first time in nearly two weeks he was seen in something other than hospital gown or scrubs. Progress… progress. The doctors are still trying to figure out the right balance of medications so John can get up without getting light-headed and still keep his heart rate under control. Just before dinner some surprise visitors showed up — Fr. Joe Nguyen, Fr. John Puntino. Fr. Jose and the two new novices, Kevin and John, who stopped my on their way to Richmond. After dinner John took everyone on a tour of the rehab facility, showing the patio, the gym, the dining room and the laundry. When everyone had left, John was in good spirits, but seemed a little tired. Yesterday Mike gave him a little trim, visited while he ate and watched a little of the Dodgers game. Then Mike and Marie left for the evening. John’s planned release is still August 23rd. John thanks you all for your continued prayers and will remember you in his prayers.

20190817_john itzaina and mike marheineke