Thank you, Sr. Gloria!

By VIDES+USA Volunteers In Development, Education, & Solidarity After 15 years as being the Director of VIDES+USA, Sr. MaryGloria Mar is passing on the reigns to Sr. Sydney Moss. Sr. Sydney recently made her perpetual vows and originally met the Sisters when she was a VIDES missionary! She spent almost two years working in El Salvador with the Sisters while discerning her vocation. She is … Continue reading Thank you, Sr. Gloria!

Carbohydrates – Part III

By Sheila Kun RN, BSN, MS, CPN, FCCP Does eating carbohydrates cause weight gain or make it difficult to lose weight? That depends. Eating too many calories from any type of food will cause weight gain. But foods with low fiber content often contain a lot of calories without any nutrients. They are metabolized very quickly into glucose. The sudden spike in the blood glucose … Continue reading Carbohydrates – Part III

Provincial Letter: September 4th, 2019

Dear Salesian Sisters and Brothers, I hope your Labor Day weekend activities were fruitful, enjoyable and relaxing. Our communities gathered for a barbecue meal and time together, in the Northern and Southern areas of California. Those in Northern California gathered at Don Bosco Hall, Berkeley and those in the South gathered at St. John Bosco, Bellflower. Since I was already in the Southland, I joined … Continue reading Provincial Letter: September 4th, 2019