Inter-America Social Services Network

By: J.C Montenegro
Delegate for Mission Animation

From September 6-16, 2019 the Core Team of the Inter-America Social Services Network for youth at risk gathered in Dominican Republic to analyze and evaluate the 2014-2020 Strategic Plan to update it, promote the bases of networking in the region, and to prepare for next year’s gather where all the delegates from the region will gather.

Thanks to the work of this team, important information that will motivate and straighten the network was consolidated, just imagine the impact at the regional level when the network improves the quality of 193 Salesian Social Presences for youth at risk. In another hand our research, based on the Youth Ministry frame of reference, has showed us that we have 34 works that serve street children, 14 works that serve children with special needs, 6 centers that work with drug addictions, 14 works that serve migrants and immigrants, 98 works that offer after school tutoring, 39 presences that are inserted in popular areas, 23 centers that support families, and 15 services that promote women.

As a result of this meeting the team has prepared a project and will request the support from the Rector Mayor to consolidate at the regional level these three components: management (team and office), communication-Marketing, and formation for all the people who are part of the network. We are moving forward with the direction of standardizing the intervention process in 14 provinces (19 countries) and improve the quality of service provided to more than 50,000 vulnerable people in the region.

For more information please follow us in our Facebook at or in our Instagram @americasocialsalesiana

The team members from left to right: Jc Montenegro (SUO), Lina Varon (Jovenes y Desarrollo), James Areiza (COM), Fr. Juan Carlos Quirarte (MEG) and Fr. Carlos Piantini (ANT)


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