Mission Animation Delegates Meeting

By: JC Montenegro
Delegate for Mission Animation

In the middle of October the delegates for mission animation in the continent gathered in Brazil to discuss how the mission is being spread out in the continent among the essential topics discussed it could be found: The updated DIAM manual that the congregation just published you will find topics like job description, Salesian missionaries short story, and the best practices on how to create a missionary culture are found. The volunteer program book which for the last three years, the Delegates of YM and Mission Animation have been studying to see how the volunteer program works in our congregation. As a result of this study, this book came alive. This book is a great tool to develop and strengthen the volunteer program. These were the two most important topics to discuss. We also dreamed about how the next six years will look. Some of these dreams were: developing an international volunteer experience, creating missionary youth groups in the different provinces, supporting provincial missionary weeks and more. Stay tuned for future news about the mission animation in our province.


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