Happy Birthday Bro. Jerry!

For the past five months Bro. Jerry Weirich has been staying at Fely-Mar Elder Care Home in San Pablo. Suffering a severe bruise to the stump of his amputated right leg, Bro. Jerry needed specialized care which the community of Richmond could not give. His recovery has been slow and only recently was he able to begin using his prosthesis. His hope is to regain … Continue reading Happy Birthday Bro. Jerry!

A Matter of the Heart

By: Br. Al Vu, SDB Coordinator for Education After many hours of reflection, discussion, and rewrites, the Province Standards and Benchmarks for Salesian Secondary Schools was finally approved by the Provincial Chapter in June  2019. Now the work of applying these newly adopted standards and benchmarks begin. Over this past weekend, Lay and SDB school administrators gathered at St. Joseph Salesian Youth Renewal Center in … Continue reading A Matter of the Heart

Interesting Facts from the CDC (Center of Disease Control) on Influenza Prevention

By Sheila Kun RN, BSN, MS, CPN, FCCP Most of us have been taking flu shots for years. Others might be resistant to the idea of getting a flu shot because “it doesn’t work”, or “I am pretty healthy, I never get sick”. That is why I feel it is worthwhile to spend some time on this topic so that we know what we are … Continue reading Interesting Facts from the CDC (Center of Disease Control) on Influenza Prevention

St. Bridgets 80th Anniversary Celebration

By: Joseph Ng Salesian Cooperator St. Bridget Chinese Catholic Church celebrated its 80th anniversary on Saturday, October 5. Chinese Catholic Association of Los Angeles, along with the parish hosted the special fundraiser and gala. Fr. Ted, Fr. Jimmy, along with several Salesian priests, brothers and the Sacred Heart sisters, as well as Fr. Joseph Ng, the Provincial of Hong Kong and other distinguished guests attended … Continue reading St. Bridgets 80th Anniversary Celebration

Savio Youth Ministry at Fall Fiesta

By: Janelle Siqueiros Savio Youth Ministry Leader St. Dominic Savio’s Fall Fiesta was September 27th-29th. In this fiesta, we have many carnival rides and games. Along with all these fun activities, we have food booths. Our youth ministry is glad to always be in charge of the hot dog booth! During the hot dog booth, we had one adult volunteer lead the shift along with … Continue reading Savio Youth Ministry at Fall Fiesta

Salesian Oratory at St. Dominic Savio Parish

As a promising new school year begins, St. Dominic Savio like to announce that Oratory returns as well! With that being said. Now you may ask… What is Oratory? Oratory is a place that allows kids to learn about prayer in a fun, safe environment. Oratory is comprised of many activities. Before starting, we always start with an opening prayer, and ask that the kids … Continue reading Salesian Oratory at St. Dominic Savio Parish

Young Professionals Gathering

As part of responding to Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhortation Christus Vivit, and the Provincial Chapter’s call to better accompanying young adults, the Province Youth Ministry Office recently hosted a gathering of young professionals for an evening of networking, dialogue, and fellowship. The purpose of the gathering was to engage young adults from our works who currently are rooted in their professional life and wanted to … Continue reading Young Professionals Gathering

SDB Salesian Family Delegates Meeting

By: Fr. Thomas Dunne, SDB Delegate for Salesian Family – USA East (SUE) September 2019 in Rome was a significant moment for the SDB Delegates for the Salesian Family throughout the world. The Salesian Family Secretariat, under the leader-ship of Fr. Eusebio Muñoz, S.D.B., gathered the province delegates for the Salesian Family in two language groups (Romance and English languages). Fr. Joe Farias, S.D.B. and … Continue reading SDB Salesian Family Delegates Meeting