Salesian Oratory at St. Dominic Savio Parish

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As a promising new school year begins, St. Dominic Savio like to announce that Oratory returns as well! With that being said. Now you may ask… What is Oratory? Oratory is a place that allows kids to learn about prayer in a fun, safe environment.

Oratory is comprised of many activities. Before starting, we always start with an opening prayer, and ask that the kids help us! Thereafter, we go into an activity called an icebreaker. This icebreaker is to break any awkward tension between the kids and their animators. Once done, we typically move onto what is an activity that consists of cheering, singing, or even dancing. For example, in this upcoming oratory, we will be teaching the kids how to dance “Thriller” by Michael Jackson in spirit of the Halloween season. Moreover, we continue on with the gospel that is led by our postulants here at our parish! They entertain the kids and teach them about God’s word. By this time, the kids get hungry and they get to eat. Our food is actually provided by a company and we are blessed to have the opportunity to feed these kids. After the kids have eaten, we split them up by their academic grades and send then to stations. What is awesome about this is that we have a baking, art & crafts, and sports station.

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Something really cool that we do after these stations, is that we have a group of teenagers that perform a skit that goes along with the storyline that they have planned for the entire oratory season. These individual perform and then have competing stations. Always encouraging sportsmanship and healthy competition, of course. Last but not least, we have a closing prayer and end the day with a Salesian goodnight.

Oratory is on Saturdays from 12-4PM. It is for kids ages 5 and up. And for our youth volunteers ages 13 and up. We hope to see you at out next oratory!