Savio Youth Ministry at Fall Fiesta

By: Janelle Siqueiros
Savio Youth Ministry Leader

St. Dominic Savio’s Fall Fiesta was September 27th-29th. In this fiesta, we have many carnival rides and games. Along with all these fun activities, we have food booths. Our youth ministry is glad to always be in charge of the hot dog booth!

During the hot dog booth, we had one adult volunteer lead the shift along with 4 young teenage volunteers. The responsibilities that came with working the hot dog booth was cooking the actual hot dogs and preparing them to be eaten. We also had a nacho machine. Therefore, we had to make sure that the nacho cheese was always nice and hot, as well as having enough of it and, of course, jalapenos. In addition, we were also asked to help out in the booth next door, the hamburger stand. We help every now and then by making their fries and pouring any drinks that were needed.

The hot dog stand was just a little taste of the many volunteer opportunities that we offer. We like to support our parish in the same way that they support us!

Stay tuned and hope to see you soon!