Bosco Tech students helping Medical Professionals

Students in Bosco Tech’s Integrated Design, Engineering & Art (IDEA) technology program have designed and are producing, via the school’s 3D printers, face shields for those in the medical field who are potentially exposed to COVID-19 in their work.


The talented high school students have already created 10 shields, from senior Alejandro Pina’s own design, and are working to quickly produce several hundred more for the local medical community. Each shield is inscribed with a message of gratitude from the school to the doctor or nurse who will wear it.

The shortage of protective face coverings was something IDEA Chairman Luis Garza’s family knows firsthand. Mr. Garza’s sister, Dr. Judy Garza, a local doctor, shared her concern for the shortage with him and he, in turn, discussed it with his students. The students, who are currently engaged in distance learning, got right to work.


“Our students wanted to do something,” said Mr. Garza. “They have advanced skills for high school students and access to rapid prototype technology. It was a natural fit for them to use what they know to help. After Alejandro’s design was refined, his classmate, Maverick Henry, printed and cut the shield components on a CNC router. These kids produced something amazing while working safely and practicing social distancing.”


“At this time, we’re only limited by the amount of PLA, or polylactic acid we have,” said Mr. Garza of the plastic needed to print the protective gear. “We’d like to produce many more face shields and are asking alumni and friends to consider donating or sharing supplies.”

If you would like to donate or supply PLA for more shields, please click on the Donate button below.

I would like to Donate!

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