GTK Newly appointed Delegate for Salesian Family

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By: Elizabeth Gamarra
Newly appointed Delegate for Salesian Family

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Elizabeth Gamarra was recently appointed Salesian Family Delegate for the St. Andrew’s Province of the Western United States (SUO).  Since 2011, Liz has been a member of the Salesian Family Commission.  She collaborated with past Delegates, Frs. Jerry Bonjean, Chris Woerz, Tom Juarez, and more recently, Fr. Joseph Farias.  She has also worked closely with the FMA Salesian Family Delegate, Sister Guadalupe Medina.

These valuable and enriching experiences have brought the groups closer together and given them the opportunity to learn from each other, exchange best practices, and celebrate the family spirit.  Liz values the groups’ special gifts, their apostolates and dedication to their ministries. She considers their desire to work closer together a valuable quality that will facilitate the continued growth of the Salesian Family.

Liz is a Salesian Cooperator and has been part of the St. Joseph’s Local Center in Rosemead, California for the past twenty years.  She was elected  the Inter American Region’s Area North Representative, which includes East and West United States and Canada (SUE, SUO, CAN),  position she held for six years.  Five years ago, she was elected as the SUO Cooperators’ Provincial Coordinator serving in that capacity for three and half years.  Liz has also had the opportunity to be involved in numerous projects, such as the organization of the last four Salesian Family Days in the Province as well as annual celebration of the SDB’s anniversaries.    She was a Board member of the Salesian Boys and Girls Club in Boyle Heights and has been part of various Finance Committees.  Liz considers all of them true blessings and great opportunities to serve, celebrate our Salesianity, and strengthen our Spirituality so that we can better serve the Church,

In her new assignment, Liz intends to focus on strengthening our Salesian Family’s spirit of unity, making the groups in our Province better known and enabling our way of life to become more attractive to laity that wish to join our groups.  She aims to adhere and promote the guidelines established by the Charter of the Charismatic Identity of the Salesian Family of Don Bosco, developed and presented to the Salesian movement by Don Pascual Chavez, our former Rector Major, so that we can all “know and assimilate the Charism of Don Bosco in our personal life and that of our Groups.”

Liz requests your continued prayers for each and every member of our entire Salesian Family!