Corpus Christi Celebrates Anniversaries

When Father Ed Liptak returned from Africa, he was assigned to Corpus Christi Church, San Francisco, where he joined his companion of ordination, Fr. Al Pestun, after years of separation. As a missionary in Africa for twenty-six years, Fr. Ed had worked largely in formation of the clergy, both diocesan and religious. He also served two terms as vice provincial of the newly formed East … Continue reading Corpus Christi Celebrates Anniversaries

The Immune System – Part II

By Sheila Kun RN, BSN, MS, CPN, FCCP To continue our conversation from our last edition, let us explore the two types of immunity. This is a continuation of our Immunity Lesson 101. There are two types of immunity that protect us from infection: active and passive system. Active immunity – for those of us who are parents, you have known this active system for … Continue reading The Immune System – Part II

Open Wide our Hearts

By: Fr. John Itzaina, SDB Province Delegate for Formation In the past three weeks since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, for the most part, anger has turned into resolve, looting has been overwhelmed by peaceful but forceful protests. House, Senate, and State Assemblies have proposed legislation for radical changes to police tactics, its militarization, and to the use of violent crowd control methods … Continue reading Open Wide our Hearts