Corpus Christi Celebrates Anniversaries

When Father Ed Liptak returned from Africa, he was assigned to Corpus Christi Church, San Francisco, where he joined his companion of ordination, Fr. Al Pestun, after years of separation.
Fr. Ed Liptak, SDB and Fr. Al Pestun, SDB celebrated their ordination anniversaries on June 13, 2020.  Together they have almost 150 years of service.

As a missionary in Africa for twenty-six years, Fr. Ed had worked largely in formation of the clergy, both diocesan and religious. He also served two terms as vice provincial of the newly formed East Africa Salesian province. He founded and built the Salesian seminary in Mafinga, Tanzania.  For a time, he was a novice director. In former years, while still a member of the Eastern Province, in the United States, Fr. Liptak had spent six years as director of Don Bosco College.  He was also the Formation Director for the province.

Fr. Al Pestun is a lasting fixture of Corpus Christi parish. Fr. Al escaped from forced labor in Slovakia under the Communist regime. After a few years in Italy, he finished his theology in Aptos, California. He remembers those years of study (1955 to 1959) very fondly. After his ordination, Fr. Pestun taught one year at St. John Bosco High School, Bellflower, CA.  He was then assigned to Salesian High School in Richmond, CA, for seven years. While teaching, he attended night classes at the University of San Francisco.  Certified in Library Science, Fr. Al returned as librarian of Bosco, Bellflower.  There, known for his solid spirituality, he was sought after as confessor by both laity and clergy. It holds true to this day.

Because of the Coronavirus, the usual public celebration of their ordinations was not possible.  However, the parish council will plan a post-pandemic celebration for these two Salesian icons.


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