A Friendly Reminder

By: Sheila Kun RN, BSN, MS, CPN, FCCP
Salesian Cooperator


Three months ago, if you asked me if I knew of any friends or relatives who were tested positive for COVID 19, hospitalized or dead from this viral season, my answer was no. It seemed that the epidemic season was a hoax, to quote some earlier commentators on the subject. 3 months later, in September of 2020, I can tell you that I have seen more of my patients coming down with positive results. So far I have not had a death on my pediatric population. However, I have heard of friends tested positive; a few required hospitalization and one physician whom I knew very well died in August, after contracting the virus in July.

I know you are totally tired of hearing the COVID news. But I just want to remind my friends and families that the threat is real; it depends on how your immune system works. I had a nursing colleague who contracted the virus outside her work setting. She was hospitalized for 3 weeks, needing ventilator support for 3 days. She received plasma infusion, and luckily survived. She is only in her thirties. However, being obese and has hypertension, she was hit hard with the virus. Now 3 months passed, she lost her voice and could not walk more than one block.

PPE works. This is a personal testimony. I shared an office with my nursing colleague who does part-time work in another hospital. She has been assigned to the COVID center for 6 months now. She had performed thousands of COVID testing these last 6 months. Given this exposure to a high risk population, she is still tested negative for the virus. She said: “I can tell you, PPE works!” and I agree.

The grim picture of the serious consequences of the COVID 19 virus was depicted in detail, by a physician who works at Keck School of USC University Hospital Dr. Adupa Rao. He was featured by the LA Times 6 weeks ago. I know Dr. Rao. His personal encounter made you think twice about NOT following the local guidelines to control the epidemics. (You can Google to read this article).

I hope you remain vigilant, be safe and continue to do the best you can to keep the curve down. I was told by my cousin in Hong Kong that Macau has been doing a fantastic job in keeping the virus to zero occurrence; the citizens are very determined to recover from the down turn economy. Everyone wears a mask, almost 100%. It is not because there is a heavy fine if you don’t wear a mask, but they have a sense of obligation to do no harm and contribute in their own way. In this case, wearing a mask is a lifestyle that they choose to follow. They hope to provide a safe city where tourists are welcome again.

Let us do our part and make a difference!

Your homework assignment from the Care Ministry this week: think about how you could contribute to flatten the curve and control the viral spread.

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