Teaching the Kids My “H” words

By: Sheila Kun RN, BSN, MS, CPN, FCCP
Salesian Cooperator


I was a first generation immigrant, landed in Los Angeles in 1969 as a college student. Vivid in my mind was the exposure to a new culture that was so foreign to me. In an era without Google, my learning curve was bumpy. I worked in the Classified advertising department of a major newspaper; I remembered I could not figure out what is a trailer, a mobile home, a van, a truck, or a four wheel drive. The transportation terms I learned were: car, taxi and bus. Same with the sensitivity to the “N” word, and the four letter words, I was totally naïve. When my older kid brought the four letter word home for the first time, I was totally taken by surprise. The first thing I said to him was: “You did not learn it from me! English is my second language, I don’t know this word!” 

As life goes on, I have accumulated my favorite words to teach my kids; here is an example of what I have compiled which I called my “H” words. Hopefully my kids would know their mom  a little bit better from the list.

Holy Spirit: I am aiming for a life that is grounded by faith, and guided by the Holy Spirit.

Health: I just turned 74 years old; I am still working and enjoying relatively good health.

Habits: I follow a set of good habits: always be punctual, prompt to respond to emails, and exercise daily.

Hard work: I am convinced that being smart is not as valuable as working hard. The latter will always get you to the final goal.

Healing: it happens that I am working in a hospital for the last 44 years as a pediatric nurse. Definitely enjoy the power of healing.

Helping hands: helping in whatever capacity, as a Salesian, as a nurse, as a neighbor, or as a friend.

Hospitality: the Salesians have taught me their “trade secret”; being hospitable and welcoming is such a wonderful feeling.

Humility: still trying…. LOL!

Honesty: a virtue that I truly embrace. 

Happy: again the Salesians have shown me the happy and simple life of service for the young and needy.

Haven: I strive to be the safe haven that my patients, friends and families can talk to and confine with.

Heaven: we are all transients in this world; our eternal rest is in Heaven, in the warm embrace of our loving Father. 

I hope you enjoy my brief account of who I am. 

Your homework from the Care Ministry this week: can you come up with more “H” words?

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