Vocation Office Updates

By: Deacon Vien Nguyen, SDB

Dear all,

Greeting from Vocation Office in Bellflower, CA.

In the past few months, the work of vocation has shipped to a quite different mode of animating. Like many other ministries, we are struggling to continue the work in a normal way, thus we have done most of our activities virtually. Fortunately, with God’s providence, we are still able to be present to young people and accomplished several tasks.

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To help with animating our vocation work, there are six people in the Province Vocation Team: Father Vien Nguyen, Father Gustavo Ramirez, Brother Al Vu, Father Marc Rougeau, Brother Damien Ho, and Father Kristian Laygo. Ideally, the team will work with persons in local communities with their unique circumstances. Also, we are working incorporation with the Youth Ministry Office including Marisol Becerra, Gina Robles, Father Fabian Cardenas and with Andres Neria Delegate for Social Communication. In doing so, we are able to continue the work of vocation with our best. One of the results of this corporation is we become more engaged in social media with Instagram, Facebook posting, and vocation stories on YouTube, etc. Serval virtual spiritual activities happened such as online adoration, masses, retreats. Regarding SDB vocation, there two three young men are working on their applications. It is a blessing that we continue receiving messages from men who are interesting in religious life.


Base on the Province priorities, the Vocation Team has worked together on a possible plan for the mission of vocation. We put together a document about the vocation plan and vision which will be presented at an appropriate time. In short, we divide the work of vocation into three different dimensions: Vocation Animation, Vocation Promotion, and Vocation Recruitment. In doing so, we will be more specific our focus on what we can do regarding the work of vocation in both short and long terms. In this particular year, we focus on Vocation Animation while continuing work on other dimensions. The question is how can we as a province and individuals create a culture of vocation where young people can experience their vocation?

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Therefore, the Provincial, Father Mel Trinidad has invited Father Fabian and me to make visitations to local communities to show support and find the best way to help young people and to animate vocation. At the same time, I am working with the National Vocation Network, NVRC to promote and to recruit vocations to religious life. In the meantime, the Vocation Team will continue our positive presence on social media. There will be more vocation stories and vocation panels on social media. Also, we will offer virtual spiritual retreats for young men who are interesting in knowing Don Bosco and deepening their relationship with God. Finally, following up with those who are interesting in joining the Salesians is one of my priorities.

Thank you for your continued support. Please, keep us in your prayers. Let us share together this mission to reach out and call forth young people to be genuine signs and bearers of God’s love as Salesian religious. as a Province Saint Andrew the Apostle

In Don Bosco,
Fr. Vien Nguyen, SDB
Province Coordinator of Vocation Animation