Blessed Laura Vicuña (1891-1904)

  From Chile to Argentina Laura Carmen Vicuña was born in Santiago, Chile, on April 5, 1891, to Joseph and Mercedes Pino. The Vicuña family, Chilean aristocrats, were forced into exile by a revolution. They took refuge in Temuco in a poor house, but soon after Joseph died suddenly, and Mercedes had to take refuge with her two daughters in Argentina. They came to Junín … Continue reading Blessed Laura Vicuña (1891-1904)

Stroke – First Aid

Abstracted from Mayo Clinic By: Sheila Kun RN, BSN, MS, CPN, FCCPSalesian Cooperator Recognizing the signs and symptoms of stroke is key to immediate rescue and survival. The following guidelines from the Mayo Clinic provides you with precise information you need. Your knowledge could turn into a life-saving opportunity for at risk stroke victims. A stroke occurs when there’s bleeding into your brain or when … Continue reading Stroke – First Aid