St. Mary’s Youth present at RE Congress!

By: Miriam Hernandez
Coordinator for Youth Ministry – Salesian Family Youth Center

PXL_20210221_184116317This year a group of teens from Saint Mary’s attended Youth Day virtually! Youth Day was available online as a Youth Track during Los Angeles Religious Education Congress this past weekend. The theme this year was Proclaim the Promise! and in the words of the coordinating team; the theme speaks of hope during these challenging times, now more than ever we need hope and vision for our future. Remembering God’s promise, “I am now establishing my covenant with you and your descendants after you and with every living creature” (Genesis 9:8).    

Confirmation students were invited to gather on zoom for a watch party where they enjoyed various witness talks. Participants also shared with each other about their experience. Edward shared that he learned that we should always trust God and not question Him. In a workshop on “Getting to know Jesus” Joanna said, “it’s good to form a relationship with Jesus because as we get older we must know that Jesus is there for us when things are good or bad. He always loves us, also praying is a good place to start having a connection and knowing more about Him.” On the same topic Tiffany shared ” I learned that sometimes we make up scenarios in our head but then in real life they don’t come out the way you planned.”  Last year we had a smaller group of teens attend in person at the Anaheim convention center and hope to be back in person next year! Thanks to all who participated.