Province Youth Ministry Department September Recap!

By: Marisol Becerra
Youth Ministry Office Assistant

SYM “LEADS” International (Inter-america Region)

On September 8th The Youth Ministry Department of the congregation represented by Fr. Rafael Bejarano, SDB, met with Fr. Inatio Vieria, SDB (South Cone Region REB)  and Fr. Fabian Cardenas, SDB (Inter-america Region SUO) to pass on the coordination of the group “LEADS” an international effort of the congregation to give voice and active protagonism to the young leaders in the provinces and at an international level.

On September 18th Fr. Fabian Cardenas, our Youth Ministry Delegate was introduced to the group of 13 leaders (one per each Province) for the region of interamerica where he will accompany the group in their work and reflections. During the meeting they discussed the process moving forward. They also elected two of the young leaders to represent the region together with Fr. Fabian at the International Council of the SYM “LEADS”

On September 25th the first World Council of “LEADS”of the salesian youth movement was held at 2:30 pm Rome time, via Zoom. This Council is made of two young people and a salesian from each region. A total of 16 representatives participated in the meeting.

Meeting of Provincial Delegates for Youth Ministry in the regions of America South Cone and Interamerica.

From Sept. 13th to the 16th the meeting of Youth Ministry delegates of the region was held. During the four days of meetings the delegates went over different components of Youth Ministry, among them the release of the new document “Parishes and Shrines Entrusted to the Salesians,” SYM new structures for the congregation, youth ministry and family and youth ministry and formation.

East LA, Bellflower, Rosemead, Berkeley Communities POP Process

The 13th, 15th and the 21st of September Fr. Fabian visited the Salesian communities of Los Angeles to facilitate the dialogue and community reflection on the POP 2022-2028.

Province Education Assessment

On September 13th and 14th Fr. Vien Nguyen, Province Coordinator of Vocation Animation and Ms. Gina Robles Province Youth Ministry Associate  joined Br. Al Vu the Coordinator of Schools and Fr. Alejandro Rodriguez, Professor at the Institute of Salesian Studies Berkeley as the Province Education Assessment Visiting Team at Salesian College Preparatory in Richmond Ca. This was an official visit as part of an annual Province Assessment Process of our Salesian secondary schools.

Province Youth Ministry Team Meeting

On September 25th PYMT had their first meeting of the year.  The team gathered at De Sales Hall, Bellflower with some members meeting virtually. The Salesian Youth Ministry Department would like to welcome the new and returning following members:

Ms. Marisol Becerra YM Department Assistant and PYMT Secretary

Mr. Luis Chacon Coordinator of Volunteers

Mrs. Elena Diaz, Coordinator of Salesian Youth Movement

Bro. Damien Ho, SDB Salesian in initial formation

Fr. Jose Lucero, SDB Commission of Parishes

Mr. Juan Carlos Montenegro, Mission Animation Delegate

Sr. Sydney Moss, FMA Salesian Sisters

Mr. Andres Neria, Delegate for Social Communication

Fr. Vien Nguyen, Coordinator of Vocation Animation

Ms. Gina Robles, Province Youth Ministry Associate

Ms. Monica Rosales, Salesian Youth Movement International Team

Bro. Al Vu, SDB Coordinator of Education

Summaries were given from the Youth Ministry Office, Vocations, Schools, Volunteers, and Salesian Youth Movement on the many great things that have happened the past year and how we can continue to move forward. Fr. Fabian guided the team in the process of the focus group questions regarding the Province Organic Plan.  The team reflected on the process and shared their thoughts. 

SYLC Meeting

On September 29th the SYLC Administrative Team Fr. Fabian Cardenas, Ms. Marisol Becerra, Mr. Andrew Coffey, Ms. Gina Robles, and Bro. Al Vu had their first meeting at the Salesian Youth Ministry Office to begin to plan for SYLC 2022.

Season of Creation

Pope Francis has declared the beginning of the Season of Creation to take place September 1st to October 4th (on the feast of St. Francis of Assisi). The theme for this year is, “A Home for all? Renewing the Oikos of God.”The Season of Creation is the annual Christian celebration of prayer and action for our common home. Together, the ecumenical family around the world unites to pray, protect, and advocate for God’s creation. During this season the Youth ministry office will be providing tips on how to care for creation in our daily lives via Instagram. Make sure to follow us @sym_usawest.