Province Youth Ministry Department October Recap!

By: Marisol Becerra
Youth Ministry Office Assistant

NCYC Commission Meeting – October 12th

Fr. Fabian participated in the first meeting of the commission for NCYC West Long Beach 2022. This meeting was led by Sr. Sydney Moss who had an objective to start reflecting and thinking about the different possibilities of topics and themes to be reflected in and presented to the participants of the conference.

Visitation to Corpus Christi Parish – October 16th

Fr. Fabian met the kids of confirmation in Corpus Christi parish. Accompanied by Sr. Mary Link the CYM, and one of the teachers. There was an open conversation about the needs of the young and teenagers today, their expectations about the catholic church in their accompaniment, and how we salesians should listen and promote dialogue among them. The Province Organic Plan Analysis SWOT survey was applied.

SS. PP. Young Adult Group Meeting – October 17th

Fr. Fabian met the Young adult group of SS.PP. accompanied by Fr. Tho director and Fr. Gael Sullivan who helped the group reflect on the impact of Covid in our societies and lives. There was a cordial environment, and time to get to know each other.The young adults were invited to take an active role to be a part of the Salesian Youth Movement.

Provincial Council – October 18th

Fr. Fabian as Member of the provincial council, accompanied and led the community through the process of election of the delegate and alternate for the PC 2022, Los Angeles community. Fr. Joe Farias was elected and Steve Way Alternate. There was an ambience of familiarity, opponens and profound reflection preparing the community for its participation in the Chapter.

PYMT – October 23rd

The Province Youth Ministry Team gathered to discuss the Province Organic Plan analysis process, rubric, and the SEPP for 2023. There was also a discussion on SYLC 2022 and what it should look like in a post pandemic era.

Salesian Summer Camp Meeting – October 25th

There was a Camp Saint Francis  meeting of the Salesian Leadership in Watsonville.  The Salesian Youth Ministry Office along with Fr. Joe Nguyen, Fr. John Puntino, the pre-novices,  Mr. Pat Lee, Mrs. Shannon McLeod, Fr. Rafael Saiz, Br. Khoa Luong, Fr. Vien Nguyen and

Mr. Andrew Coffey met to discuss and reflect on the Salesian Summer Camp.  The group shared how the Salesian Leadership in Watsonville can begin to plan and collaborate with one another to help move the summer camp forward this summer.  After the meeting everyone came together to have lunch and continue the conversations.

Salesian Youth Movement – October 30th

The Salesian Youth Ministry Office with the Salesian Youth Movement Commission met to discuss the future planning of the Salesian Youth Movement and what is the best way to get young people and young adults involved.