A 10-Week Plan for Reversing Insulin Resistance (Week 7 and 8)

We seniors are forgetful. It might be helpful to recapture the first 6 approaches to reverse insulin resistance:

  1. Check your portion.
  2. Eat more vegetables and fruit every day.
  3. Get walking.
  4. Switch to whole grains.
  5. Manage your stress
  6. Get adequate sleep.

Have you tried any of the plans mentioned above? How does it work for you? If you are ready to learn the rest of the strategies, this week’s article would be a good read for you. Here we go, week 7 and 8.

Week 7: Don’t Forget the Snacks

Having meals and snacks at regular times can go a long way toward controlling your appetite and blood glucose. Snacking during the day is fine, as long as you make good choices that are low in calories and have nutritional value.

Your Goals for Week 7

  • Buy healthy snacks to have on hand at all times
  • If necessary, prepare snacks ahead of time so they are always ready to go (cut up vegetables, premeasure nuts into individual containers, etc.)

Week 8: Ramp Up Your Exercise

You may have started an exercise plan already, but it’s time to take it up a notch. This is important because exercising the same muscles or at the same intensity all the time will eventually stall your efforts at weight loss.

Your Goals for Week 8

*Turn your moderate walk into a brisk walk and add additional steps

*Add weight bearing exercises to your routine in addition to walking, such as squats or wall push-ups

Are you ready to advance your plan this week? Go for it!

Your homework from the Care Ministry this week: choose an additional exercise that is compatible with you.

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