Reflecting on Mother’s Day

By: Sheila Kun RN, BA, BSN, MS

With Mother’s Day approaching this Sunday, I thought it would be appropriate to gather some random thoughts on this international event. As everyone knows, this is the day to honor your mom and her contribution in your family and perhaps in the society. After being a mom for 51 years, I have come to the conclusion that I have had different experiences on Mother’s Day.

My mom passed away at age 62 while visiting me from Macau. It was totally unexpected that she would have the stroke. Later on, I was told by my siblings that she did not think of taking her high blood pressure pills with her as “she feels fine with no symptoms.” Since that year, I cried every Mother’s Day for the next 15 years. Losing a mom is not an event that you can get over with easily. It is okay to feel sad. I think the best way to remember her is to reflect on the values in life she installed for us. She is a dedicated mom and wife. Being a teacher, she was very strict with all of us. We all knew what her expectations were. She rarely had to scold us unless we did something really bad. The two things I learned from mom were her work ethics and love of the family. As you can imagine, it was not easy to bring up 7 children and held a full time job as a teacher. She had to take care of the grandparents too. I had never heard her complain of her work load. She enjoyed simple pleasures and took immense pride when we were able to go abroad for college. Another indelible mark on our lives is her love for the family and Dad. I can honestly say that I NEVER heard any quarrel between her and dad. What special gifts she had given us – work ethics and love of the family.

Now I am a mom of two grown up children. What comes to my mind on Mother’s Day? I really wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate the younger generation. Personally I don’t need any attention or gift on Mother’s Day. To me, it is more meaningful to strengthen the relationship of the younger generation by honoring my daughter-in-law. Her dedication to the family and hard work to raise the children are causes for celebration. We seniors need to let the younger moms and wives know that they are on the right track. These mothers are the glue that hold the families together!

I look at the life of Mary, Our Lady, the Mother of Jesus. She truly taught us how to be a mother; a simple, honest, ordinary young woman with profound faith in God. She offered unconditional love from conception to raising Jesus up. She responded to the hardship in life with no complaints. She simply accompanied Him to fulfill His mission in life – being the Savior for us all. That is the mom I want to emulate.

When my children asked us of what I want on Mother’s Day, I usually responded with the same line for years: “The best gifts you can bring to me are: you being happy and healthy, and be a good Christian and moral citizen. That is all I ask of you.”

My life is fulfilled as a mom when my kids do well. I am sure many of you have the same experience. Anyway, these are my random thoughts on Mother’s Day.

To all the mothers, enjoy your day. I am sure you will find many reasons to celebrate your Mother’s Day. I am a lucky person, I feel every day is a Mother’s Day.

Your homework from the Care Ministry this week: What gift are you looking for on Mother’s Day?

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