The Salesian Family Youth Center Enhances Best Pastoral Practices

By Luis Chacon

On March 24, the Salesian Family Youth Center initiated a systematization process to analyze and document their best pastoral practices. This process aims to maintain and promote these practices while serving as an example and reference for other similar institutions.

During the meeting, the team identified four specific objectives to be achieved in the coming months of work. The general objective is to document the Salesian pastoral experience in Los Angeles from its origins to the present, creating a material that synthesizes and allows for the sustainability and replicability of these actions.

  1. Systematization: The first objective is the systematization of the most significant pastoral actions of the Salesian community in Los Angeles, with a perspective of caring for young people in a context of greater vulnerability.
  2. Memory: The second objective is the production of a historical record (Memory) of the Salesian Family Youth Center, including its history, analysis of the dynamic process of the response to the community, testimonies, and recommendations in the face of emerging conditions.
  3. Adaptation: The third objective is to adapt Pastoral Care Models to international standards and share good practices in tune with the America Social Network Salesian. 
  4. Training: The fourth objective is to train a local pastoral care team to continuously evaluate and deepen the systematization of projects. The interdisciplinary team would share the methodology so that the praxis provides them with the tools and experience to continue with this work in support of projects and pastoral actions for the benefit of the community.

By systematically analyzing and documenting their pastoral practices, the Salesian Family Youth Center will enhance their professionalism and induction of potential new employees and workers who may join their team. It will also help them to measure their impact and project it in a much greater way, both qualitatively and quantitatively. This process is a great tool to make a difference in the community.

As a result of this meeting, some members of the team were excited and happy because the best practices will now be established, and they can contribute to the transition of personnel when necessary and leave behind the good practices that they have established. The systematization process is an excellent opportunity to attract more partners and make everything that they already do even more professional.

At the Salesian Family Youth Center, joy is an essential component of the Don Bosco Salesian Educational System, and the systematization process aims to sustainably spread joy among the community. We are looking forward to seeing the positive impact that this initiative will have on the community in the coming months and years.