Camp St. Francis

By Bro. Quang Nguyen

Camp St. Francis 2019 is back in business again from June 30th – July 27th!

We are on our third week of camp and the counselors are giving it their all to make it the best camp season for the campers!


The young people have been longing all year to come back to camp! As campers arrive, camp St. Francis welcomes every camper with excitement and joy. They enthusiastically come with all their belongings and huge smiles on their faces. With the grace of God, we have a strong group of counselors from all over the United States and Mexico. They come as volunteers to create a great experience for the campers.


This year, Fr. John has been introducing the 2019 Strenna from the Rector Major, “Holiness is For You Too.” He has coined this year’s theme for the camp as “Be Happy, Be Holy”.  This theme is perfect for this year because it helps the participants know that being happy is being holy which is letting the kids know that by being themselves, being a kid, and having fun is being holy. At camp we demonstrate to the campers that they can have fun and play while being happy and being holy. We have many activities throughout the day where the campers can relate to each other, have fun, learn, and pray under Don Bosco’s Oratory model: Home, School, Church and Playground. The activities are provided are, Mass, catechetical sessions, beach time, and night activities. During the day, the campers also have an opportunity to choose to explore different activities like archery, game room, arts and crafts, and many more.


Last Friday, Camp St. Francis had the privilege of welcoming Bishop Garcia from the Diocese of Monterey to celebrate Eucharist with all of us. With gratitude, we felt the care and love from the Bishop to our camp.


Please continue to pray for our campers and counselors that they may have a memorable and a safe camp season.

In Don Bosco,


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