Salesian Oratory at St. Dominic Savio Parish

By: J.C Montenegro
Delegate for Mission Animation

Savio Oratory 3

For the last six years, St. Dominic Savio Youth Ministry has been organizing the Salesian Oratory to serve the youth in the community. The first two weeks have been well attended by youth. There is an average of 80 youth. The oratory starts at noon and ends at 4 PM. During these 4 hours, the youth participate in prayers, games, activities, and reflect on the gospel of the week. A group of teenagers guided by two young adults lead this oratory. They meet two times a month to plan the activities and the formation program for the youth animators. The majority of youth animators come from St. Dominic Savio’s Confirmation and Youth Ministry programs. It is amazing to have the Salesian candidates and the Salesian postulants involved with our ministry. They help by accompanying the oratory core team and the youth who come every week. Together SDBs, FMAs, and lay people continue to animate Don Bosco’s festive oratory in the community.

Savio Oratory 2