What’s going on at Savio

By: Janelle Siqueiros
Savio Youth Group Leader

Have you ever been bored on a Monday night? Nothing that seems to catch your interest? Come to our Monday Youth Group! Our youth group consists of many activities that help youth learn about their themselves and their spirituality. This program challenges the way they think about life situations and gives participants different perspectives on various of things. What’s the best thing about this program is that we have a load of many volunteer opportunities!

About 2 weeks ago, on October 19, our youth were able to go to the Microsoft campus in Playa Vista and attend a SPEAK conference on leadership! For this event, we took 9 individuals that wanted the experience and that have an understanding of what it is to be a leader. In this conference, they had many activities that taught steps and actions a leader took. An outstanding thing that they were able to do was build a bike as a group! These bikes were also donated for philanthropic reasons to the Salesian Family Youth Center, in hopes that they will be given to individuals that have a consistent need for it.


Moreover, just this last Friday, October 25, youth group’s core team was able to help out with the City of Bellflower’s Halloween Event. Our youth came together and built a Witch’s Hat Ring Toss game. Lastly, our program is established on St. John Bosco’s oratory model: home, school, church, and playground. every week, we have a central pillar that our focus goes to, in order to enhance the youth’s learning experience.

Please join us! If there are any questions, email us at: youthcenter@saintdominicsavio.org.

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