Wealth, Fame and Health: Choose One

By Sheila Kun RN, BSN, MS, CPN, FCCP

It seems like 2020 was ushered in in the blink of our eyes, I just realize this is my second article in 2020.To my dear Salesian Families, I wish you the very BEST in 2020. Following the past tradition, I present to you the first homework from our Provincial Care Ministry. I begin with this simple question: if you have to choose the following; wealth, fame or health, what would you choose in 2020? I am sure the younger ones might pick wealth as your most obvious choice. You might think that at your tender age, fame or health will follow you if you have money. In 2019, after witnessing a dear friend experienced heart failure at age 27, and luckily became a successful survivor of a heart transplant, it makes me pick health with no reservation. Simply put, you could have all the money and fame in the world, but your quality of life would be miserable without good health.  You need to make healthy living as your priority and the foundation of all your other aspirations in 2020. A good starting point is to take an inventory of your health data. Just like last year, the following Health Care Plan is a helpful tool for you to record your health data so that your family or community know what your health needs are. This is especially vital if you have an unexpected emergency. The form will provide essential information to the first rescuer. Do it for yourself and those who take care of you. If you need a Word version of the form, please feel free to email us at kunlouis@gmail.com

Download: Health_Care_Plan-2020

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