News from St. Dominic Savio Parish – Bellflower

The day after, the Archbishop of Los Angeles asked the people of God not to go to church to avoid the expansion of the pandemic. St. Dominic Savio started to stream live masses through its website and Facebook page. Since that day, Savio celebrates two daily Masses, one in Spanish and the other one in English; there are around 100 people who participate on the weekly Masses. On weekends the participation increases up to 2.000 people. St. Dominic Savio has also put together online adoration every Thursday night. During Holy Week, Savio has planned online activities every night. As you can see, Savio is continually thinking about how to serve the community.

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But St Dominic Savio has not focused only on religious services; they have continued Youth Ministry meetings online. In one of the sessions, they were able to host over 100 teenagers thanks to the technology. Also, on Thursdays through St. Vincent De Paul Society, the church is giving food to the people in need. And they are also creating a moment where the online community can meet the Salesian Members during an interview. The first SDB interviewed was Fr. Luis Flores.

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AS you can see, St. Dominic Savio has adapted to continue serving the people of God during this time of crisis. We pray to our Lord to help us during and accompany in our lives!

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Important links just created for this pandemic:

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Coronavirus Reflection:

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